Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One week left

After exactly two months of bed rest, finally I am getting closer to delivery day. The Dr. scheduled my c-section to be done next week. Hopefully, babies might wait until them. Right now my babies weight 5 1/2 pound each, but it won't surprised me if they are actually 6 pounds.

I had so many "sewing plans" that I did not achieved during this pregnancy. I guess that is also a divine way of God telling me that for now on, there will be some other responsibilities and all my hobbies might be on stand by for a couple of months. I did not have time to sew some maternity clothes or use Sharon's maternity patterns. I was planning on doing a lot of receiving blankets as soon as I would stop working...I couldn't even go shopping for fabrics. Right now all these things don't matter because I am very happy and excited about seeing my babies for the first time. Anyway, I waited almost 10 years for this.

Here I am posting the pictures of the babies room. This room used to be my sewing and crafting room. My husband moved all my "sewing and crafting stuff" to the basement, which I will try to decorate later. I just wanted to share this with you guys. Hopefully I will be back to sewing next month. I would also like to thank JC for her wonderful present.