Sunday, June 2, 2013

McCall's M6731 Bodice Back

Today I started working on this project.  I have good news.  The elastic part of the bodice back is not as difficult as it looked.  I still think that a beginner seamstress may get confused if she doesn't read the instructions carefully but then she will get it.  I still think the pattern is not "easy".  To me when patterns have the word "easy" on the cover they should not require that much thinking and reading of the instructions attached. 
The first step always is to cut your fabrics.  Since I am using different fabrics it took me a little bit longer than usual because I wanted to make sure that I was "mixing" them well.

The owl patriotic fabric is going to be used for the skirt part.  The red fabric with polka dots is going to be the bodice back and the straps.  I am going to use the chevron fabrics for contrasts on the bodice.

Piece 5 is the back of the bodice.  I was confused at first because I thought I would have to use the elastic thread on my machine.  I am not good at using the elastic stitch, so I fell so much better when I found out that the lines on the patters are for the casing seams were the skinny elastic goes.
You will need to fold the fabric in two and mark the lines  with a washable fabric pencil or marking paper. 

This is how the fabric looked without folding it.

 This is how it looks after folding it.

Place the pattern piece on top of the fabric and the marking paper underneath. You can use a pencil or a rotary marking tool to copy the lines.

This is the final result after inserting the elastic into the casings.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

My next project McCall's Pattern M6731

Warning!  The cover of this pattern advertises it as easy but  I just finished preparing the fabrics and reading the instructions and I don't think this pattern would be any easy for beginners. Pattern M6731is not that complicated to the advance seamstress but a novice may get confused about how to do the back of the bodice.  I will explain why it is not an "easy" pattern tomorrow when I start assembling it. 
I am going to do a size 4t dress (Dress B) for my daughter with patriotic color fabrics.  This will be her 4th of July dress.  If you are  following the trends this year, you may have noticed that chevrons are everywhere even on children apparel.  Also it is very trendy to use different mix of fabrics in one dress.  A trend kind of inspired on the 30's depression era.
I purchased all the fabrics at (my favorite online fabric store).  Fabrics?  Yes, this dress let me use different contrasts and I will be using  4 different fabrics.
I will be updating how the dress is turning out this week.  It won't be a tutorial (I don't do those yet), but I will review this pattern and we will see the final result.