Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pillow Case dress Simplicity 2383

I am trying to get my "sewing mojo" back. I am working on a dress for my toddler girl who just turned 19 months. For experienced seamstress it may be ridiculous to purchase a pattern to make a pillow dress. It is just a rectangle and all you have to do is close it and add a ribbon at the top, right? Well, I have been working on the monkey applique dress picture at the left (view C) for three weeks. When I saw the pattern I liked the fact that it has appliques. I bought some inexpensive Calico fabrics and it is turning out very pretty but slow sewing is what happens when you have a set of twins. First, I was very enthusiastic about the dress and I decided to use some gross grain ribbons. Well, it occurred to me that after sewing the ribbons so nicely to the fabric they needed some ironing and one of the ribbons had painted dots and it melted. After that I decided it was better to used rig rags. The applique part was not so easy for me either because I have never done appliques before, so I had some issues with the embroidery around the monkey. It turned out good but not perfect. Last night I finally closed the seams at the sides and today I will try to finish and take some pictures. I think this pattern is really easy to use and offer so many options to the now so popular pillow dress for children. It is just me who has become a lazy seamstress.