Monday, July 26, 2010

My review for McCall's new fall patterns 2010

After being away for almost a month I am back and here is my first view on the new fall patterns for 2010. I will start with the McCall's patterns release for this fall. Here is my point of view on some of these patterns.

M6167 reminds of last year fall trend of tartan and pin tucked shirts. Also, this is another of those styles that I would consider to wear only if I get pregnant again. The asymmetrical shirts are going to be everywhere this fall.

M6170 brings of an interesting "comeback" of a 90's style blazer. I love it but won't be sewing it, maybe another of my blogger buddies who has more time on her hands will try it.

M6171 is trendy and classic at the same time, but I have seen this before also on the late 90's. I would not sew this either because of the front zipper since I am not an expert when it comes to zippers.

M6173 will be added to my collection. Leggings have been around for the last three years or longer. They don't seem to be leaving us soon.