Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spring projects

Can't find the picture of the envelope to show you guys the shirt I am working on. I think it is probably an out of print pattern now. Anyway, since I don't have time that much to sew lately I am going to start looking for patterns and ideas to start sewing my Easter outfit. Any suggestions?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodbye Buddy.

No words can describe what a pet owner may feel when the animal passes away. It was a cold Saturday morning and Buddy went out as usual and returned feeling dizzy and tired. Maybe the cause was that the temperature was still in the low 20's. I had to go out to buy some presents and took my daughter with me. I asked him "what's up Buddy and patted him on his head" while he moved his tail. An hour after I received a call from my husband asking me to come back so that he could take Buddy to the vet. While I was driving I had a weird feeling and some tears came out of my eyes while in my mind I apologized to Buddy for neglecting him love in the past months due to my busy schedule as a new mother of twins. Buddy was our baby before the babies were born and he slept in my room and was very spoiled. When the babies were born there was a change obviously, but he was also jealous sometimes and I was scared of him doing something to the babies. I started treating him like a "dog" sometimes. Still, Buddy always loved me and waited for me in the mornings and greeted me happily when I came home. I loved my dog.

When I got home, Buddy was already in the car and my husband did not let me see him. He was already dead. I knew he was dead because my husband looked so sad even though he tried to hide it. He took Buddy to be cremated. I called my mom in tears and told her that Buddy died. Around 7 pm my husband told my mother in law and people started giving me their condolences thru facebook. He passed away at 130 pm, just a few minutes after I left. He was born in Virginia in August 2000 and went with me and my husband to many places. He died on December 18, 2010 in Virginia.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Failed project

What could I say about this pants? Do not attempt to do them. Yes, it was an easy to follow instructions. I used a very nice black and white flower printed fabric that later I regretted using on this project. I found the pants interesting to sew because there is no zipper required and I thought they looked very cool on the pattern illustration. The final results for me where very baggy pants that made me look like I was five months pregnant. Very unflattering! So, I did not bother to take a picture and sent it to my aunt in Panama who is a size 16. For what I heard, she was very happy with her new pants. Para gustos los colores!

Simplicit 2304 Tottler Halloween Costumes

I used Simplicity pattern 2304 to make my twin babies first Halloween costumes. My baby boy was a pumpkin and the girl was a bee. I think they turned out pretty good, but it was very hard to have them stay still so that I could take good pictures. Anyway, I am posting some pictures and a brief review.

I used this pattern because I wanted them to wear similar costumes and I could not find anything at the store that would match, since I was looking for a boy costume and a girl costume. Also, I do not like costumes that look like stuffed animals because I think children can get overheated in areas where the weather is not so cold.

Here is a family picture.

Here is the "little pumpkin" running.

Both of them playing with the door.

I used an orange suede fabric and to make the jack-o lantern face I used crafting felt. The hat was very easy to make. I also used crafting felt to make the leaf and the stem.

For her costume I used a yellow suede fabric.

I purchased the shirts and leggings at a popular children store.
This pattern is great for beginners. You can read my complete review at Pattern Review.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Witch dress Simplicity 2324

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween celebration. This year I made costumes all the family. Well, kind of. For my husband I did some alterations. Anyway, I will start by reviewing Simplicity Pattern 2324 which I used for witch costume.
As you can see in the illustration the girl is wearing fishnets which I decided not to wear because it was cold. Also my dress is longer than hers.

I used leather leggings. I think they worked fine.

purchased a witch hat and decorated with the same fabric I used for the dress.

This Simplicity pattern was easy to sew but it is not a beginner pattern because the instructions stops after the dress is assemble. It does not says anything about terminations. I knew I had to use binding at the collar and the sleeves, but will a newbie to sewing figure that out? Also there is a zipper at the back and an overlay which some people may find difficult to handle. In general, instructions where easy to follow. I like this pattern so much I am keeping it for the future. To read the complete review go to patternreview.com

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

McCall's New Winter patterns 2010

Ho-ho-ho! It is that time of the year again when we at the sewing community start planning on the presents that we will be making for our friends and family. Well, if there is time available of course. In my case, I think I will just go to the mall this year.

Anyway, it is always fun to see what the patterns company have release for the upcoming season. Here is my review on the new McCall's Winter patterns:

M6218 makes me think of getting a new puppy just to sew these cute coats!

I wonder what were they thinking at the designing department when they came out with pattern M6216. Maybe they were thinking about a pattern that even a Kindergartners could use. The Santa to keep Christmas cards is cute.

I think this Ipod cases are very cool to make presents for teenagers. M6215 is a going to be added to my collection.

M6213 is another cool pattern for those cute little presents.

M6210 looks very easy. If I have time I would make this for some friends and for myself.

M6194 for the classic Children's Christmas pajamas.

Haven't we see this before? M6192

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is anyone planning on halloween customs?

Hi there,
I think I will find time to sew Halloween customs this year. The only problem is that I do not see many options for toddlers this year. I think my mind is blocked right now. Can't think too well! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I might sew if I have more time

Today I was looking at some of my followers blog and I found Amy's blog which is named after one of my favorite phrases : "I might sew if I had more time". How many of you feel this way? This phrase applies to me so much right now.

Yes, I would like to sew more if I have more time and if possible I would stay up all night sewing while the babies are sleeping. But I need to get my beauty sleep too. So, here I listed the top 10 reasons why I have no time to sew lately.

1. I have a set of twin babies who are turning one year old next week.

2. I spent too much time planning on my trip to Puerto Rico and now that I came back I am just too lazy. I just feel like having more Pina Coladas!

3. My almost new electronic machine needs a new bobbin again, so I am using my Brother backup machine. So what is the excuse here?

4. I am still trying to finish some summer projects which are in the process of becoming UFOs really soon.

5. I only feel inspired when Project Runway is on TV. I did not watch last season because I kept forgetting which channel was Lifetime TV.

6. I need to decide between doing laundry or sewing.

7. I gained weight and I don't want to do projects on a bigger size.

8. Last time I went to the fabric store I did not like any of their selection. I just wish G street fabrics was closer.

9. Summer is ending and I just feel like enjoying every minute outdoors and indoors.

10. I have no time. But I will try to use a few minutes before midnight.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My review for McCall's new fall patterns 2010

After being away for almost a month I am back and here is my first view on the new fall patterns for 2010. I will start with the McCall's patterns release for this fall. Here is my point of view on some of these patterns.

M6167 reminds of last year fall trend of tartan and pin tucked shirts. Also, this is another of those styles that I would consider to wear only if I get pregnant again. The asymmetrical shirts are going to be everywhere this fall.

M6170 brings of an interesting "comeback" of a 90's style blazer. I love it but won't be sewing it, maybe another of my blogger buddies who has more time on her hands will try it.

M6171 is trendy and classic at the same time, but I have seen this before also on the late 90's. I would not sew this either because of the front zipper since I am not an expert when it comes to zippers.

M6173 will be added to my collection. Leggings have been around for the last three years or longer. They don't seem to be leaving us soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Simplicity 2596 floral top

Here is one of my latest projects. This shirt can take less than 2 hours to make but it took me a week since lately I only sew for 30 minutes at night and that includes the cutting process.
I used a floral silky fabric. I made view E but I did not add the lace to sleeves and the neck. This is a very easy to use pattern and I recommend it for beginners.

I cut a size 14 but I think I could have use a size 12 because it is very "roomy". I looks good on me anyways.
If I use this pattern again I will try to sew view A.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out of print Simplicity 0508 finished project

Here is the finished dress I made using out of print Simplicity Pattern 0508 which I considered to be unpopular because there where not reviews at all at Pattern Review and it went too quick to the out of print category.

Here is the not so popular pattern. It was easy to sew, I just wish I used the right size.

I did not use the darts on this dress. The dress was still to tight on me even though I added more inches to the bust and the hips. It still won't fit on me since I have not loose all the weight after having my twins. Still, I think it is a very nice dress.
Here is the back. I consider I need to get more practice sewing zippers but it is OK.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I added a Burda pattern to my collection

When I saw this pants I thought that they are just so cool. So fabric is cut already just waiting for me to get started. I will work on view B.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vogue 1161

I am planning on making this dress because I think it is stunning and doesn't look so complicated. Vogue pattern 1161 has also been influenced by the 80's fashion. I remember wearing a pant set with a shirt with a very similar cut on the back.

I received a Metrostyle catalog and look what I found... A similar dress for just $39! Should I buy it or make it my own way?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks to Sharon!

This is the vintage pattern that my blog buddy Sharon sent to me about a month ago. It is from the 80's era. I really like that children clothes were more formal back then. Hopefully I will sew this in the future when my baby gets a little bit bigger.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not blogging on April

I actually did some serious sewing last month but have not make any reviews or taken pictures. I will start posting pictures and reviews tomorrow.

I would like to thank Sharon for sending me a wonderful girl vintage pattern. I will be posting soon about it too.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is all about the "pintucked" shirt

Vogue pattern 1165 is a trend that I have being seeing everywhere in the stores. Personally I find it too difficult to sew. Just looking at all those pleats or "pin tucks" that I will have to spend doing makes me feel sleepy. Also I am not a fanatic of making shirts with collars and lots of buttons. Or lets say when I tried it in the past it just looked homemade.
There are a few reviews at Pattern Review mentioning that it is not a difficult shirt to make, but still I am not giving it a try. I am posting about this because I really think it is a better idea to go buy one. By the way I saw one yesterday at Target for only $19.99. The shirts are similar to the Vogue pattern, not identical.

The shirt from the top picture can be purchased at Chadwicks.com and the shirt from the bottom picture can be purchased at Metrostyle.com

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The fabric for the unpopular dress

The dress is taking its form but as I mentioned on a comment it won't fit for this Easter Sunday. I need to loose around 10 pounds before I can put this number. It looks great in the dress form which by the way has two inches more at my waist, hips and bust compared to what my measurements were before getting pregnant.

I will finish the dress anyways. I think I will be able to use it by the summer. As you can see the fabric looks like you could use it to make a reversible spring coat too or upholstery. It is very nice actually.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Unpopular Simplicity 0508

I think I bought this Simplicity pattern just a few months before getting pregnant. About a month ago, I purchased a very nice linen flower print fabric at Joann Fabrics. The fabric looks like it could be use for home decor but it is intended for apparel.
I was planning to use a vintage pattern from the 60's era and make a nice Easter dress. It turned out that two yards of fabrics was not enough which made me look into my pattern collection and decided based on the yardage and kind of fabric to use Simplicity Pattern 0508 printed on 2008. Can you believe there are no reviews of this dress at Pattern Review and also that this pattern is not available anymore at the Simplicity website? Was this an unpopular pattern or what? I did not find anyone who has made this dress. I googled it, searched more than twice at Pattern Review and got not results at all.
For now, what I have done is turning pretty easy. The dress is looking nice. I noticed that the sleeves may be difficult to attach and also the dress may not fit me because I cut it in size 12 and I have not loose that much weight but I will finish it anyway for the future in case it doesn't fit. I will start posting pictures of my "unpopular dress tomorrow".

Friday, March 26, 2010

Remember this?

Do you remember all the pj's I made using this not so easy pattern? My son is big enough now to wear them.
Here he is!

These turned great. So bad I won't recommend this pattern because of the issues with the collar. I ended up using bias tape.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vogue Summer patterns are available

Vogue Patterns website released their new summer collection. These are my favorites that I wish I could have time to make.

I will try to find time to sew this jumpsuit. V1185 is super modern.

V1178 is so pretty and flirty. Ruffles are still in for the summer.

V1181 Caftan. I am not planning on purchasing this pattern because I already own a vintage pattern that looks just like this thanks to Abby Sophia (Patternaholic). Nothing new about this one and if I ever make it I will stay home eating bom boms and watching TV. LOL!

V1186 is another 80's influence that we will be seeing this summer. I like the pants but not the jacket. Suits in the summer? Not for me.

V1188 is going to be definitely on my pattern collection. I would love to make these pants.

V8651 is an easy sewing project to update a wardrobe.

V1176 reminds me of Desperate Housewives.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Simplicity 3582

Here is another project I finished while trying to clear my stash of all UFOs. As I said before, baby patterns that accumulate are the worst because if you don't work fast it would be money wasted. At least I got this one out of my way. This was a very easy pattern to use and I made lots of modifications to finish faster. I made a hot pink fleece vest for my daughter and it looks very cute, but it didn't look nice in the picture. So next time she wears the whole outfit I will take a picture.

Here is my husband holding my baby boy. He is wearing the brown corduroys I made.

For her, I used a printed flower corduroy fabric that I purchased on sale last winter at Joann's. I was going to add the ruffle and at the last minute I decided I had not time. So I edited it.

Brown corduroy for my baby boy.

I made this for him. It was very easy but I did not add the Velcro and the strip that goes with it. I was very lazy when making this project. All I wanted was to get it out of my way.