Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCall's pattern M5626

I made this cute top that I am going to wear with legging by using McCall's pattern M5626. It might look too much as a Junior top, but it is a misses pattern. It is very modern and comfortable. It only took me about two hours to finish eventhough I had to make some alterations: No sleeves.

It turned out great, I think...

Monday, August 25, 2008

McCall's pattern M5531

It took about two weeks to finish this lined spring coat. My choice of fabric was metallic linen. I purchased the fabric at a Joann Fabric store located in New Jersey when I visited my cousin back in April. I was so pleased with the final result!

Back to School

Today I went back to work. Working at a school and specially with Kindergarten can be very stressful sometimes, so this year I am planning on sewing a little something every week. By keeping up doing projects I would look forward to come back home from work... School won't start in Virginia until next week thou.

I am also planning to visit NYC this labor day weekend. Today I will sit at night and start making a list of places that I would like to visit this time. I am looking forward to take some pictures at the Runway Building. Obviously, I will go shopping too.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Simplicity Inspired by Project Runway Pattern 2961

To make this tops I used the Simplicity Pattern 2961. All I am going to say about this patterns is that if you are still a beginner and you want to make this shirts you might need someone elses help. It doesn't have many instructions and may need alterations, but the final results are just STUNNING! I like the pattern, it was not that difficult for me to put the pieces together, I got lot of complimments when I wore the yellow shirt (did not take pictures thou, but I will next time), I am planning on using it again and I enjoyed a lot sewing it.

You might read bad reviews about this Runway Simplicity Pattern at Pattern but I saw that a lot of the people who tried it had a lot of difficulty because they are beginners. So, I highly recommend this pattern and give it a shot if you like challenging projects!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The McCall's pattern M5377 feedback

I wore the multicolor Indian fabric dress that I made with the McCall's pattern M5377. I also gave this dress a good review, but it seems that for now on I will be in search of the perfect summer dress pattern. Mostly, sewing afficionados are always looking for the perfect pants pattern or the perfect tailored dress; my mission is going to be to find the perfect summer dress.

One thing I noticed about this year designs is that everything is loose at the waist, like this dress I made. I guess most designers get inspired by the girls at Miami Beach or by an imaginary island on the tropics when making this patterns because in real life women that are from the tropics do not wear this dresses. I can say that certainly because I am originally from Panama and spent three years in Puerto Rico. Tropical fashion is more about showing the body and being comfortable, but always looking good. The problem that I see with this designs is that when the wind blows they become really unflattering because it gets a balloon effect, or ends up looking like a tent.

I went to eat ice cream and I got compliments from the owner who said that it was nice to see some people wearing colors in the area instead of the usual black and khaki. She made a comment about liking the fabric, but I did not tell her that I made the dress. The dress got a lot of attention and it looked nice, but I am not sure if I will wear to another place than the beach because I don't like what happens to it with the breeze.

I may use this pattern again to the other dress with the bow which is a little bit shorter and more formal, but I will be looking forward to find a pattern for that perfectly fitted and flattering summer dress.

Clearance at!

McCall's pattern M5377

I reviewed this dress at
Check it out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway and the Drag Queen Challenge

Last night I watched Project Runway as I usually do on Wednesdays nights. I expected a lot more for last night challenge since they were doing drag queens costumes. Most of the dresses look very "blah" to me, too conventional. It was a boring show. The dress that won was Joe's design and it was very nice, but I think more could be expected for this challenge.

This season I don't have any favorite designer. Nobody has catch my attention. I could say Stella is a very interested designer, since she is all that gothic and rock'n'roll but I am still not that impressed. Project Runway Season 5 is not fierce enough!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hillary Duff dress feedback

I wore the dress to pick up my mom to the airport. I guess it was a "too colorful" dress to wear in the DC area...I noticed people "getting" happy by looking at it. People in this area like to wear a lot of black even in the summer. So after we got back from the airport, I drove to the mall and met a friend there. She told me that my dress was really cute. Still, my mom was not very convinced by it...she said it made me look bigger.

I took some pictures of me wearing the dress and I don't think I will wear it again. Not until I get pregnant, maybe. OK, I reviewed this dress and gave it an outstanding review. It is comfortable, it was very easy to make but it makes me look totally pregnant. It was a windy day so the dress got a "bubble" on it. I like wearing clothes that are fitted because they make me look slimmer. My conclusion is that if you are learning to sew, this McCall's pattern is excellent to practice. About wearing it? Wear it if you are pregnant, or at the beach, or inside the house. This is not a very flattering summer dress.

McCall's pattern 5617

To make this blue flowers summer dress I used pattern Hillary Duff Mcall pattern 5617. It was very easy for my level. It took probably less than two hours. Well, I never sit two straight hours until I finish a project. Usually I start by cutting the patterns just when I get them and that way I study them. I can see if it is going to be an easy project or not while I am "unfolding" them. Then when I am finish with my pile of patterns, I organize them by which I would like to do first and make a list of fabrics that I will need to buy. Also, I always try to get the Joann Fabric coupon on the mail before I go shopping.

After I get my fabrics (I usually get more than what I plan to) I decide which ones to cut first. I cut my projects and put all the pieces in a gallon ziploc together with the pattern envelope. This way I keep everything organize and ready to sew. So then, sometimes while I am watching TV, I take my project and start attaching the pieces whith headpins. So, we are talking about maybe 30 minutes spent doing this. Then the next day I might start sewing. I always try to take it easy and tell to myself that nobody is rushing me. If I get to impatient to finish a garnment, that is when I make mistakes. So, basically...take your time and what I am trying to say is that even if a project is suppose to last two hours it might take you a week which divided by days may be 30 minutes cutting, 30 minutes putting the parts together, 30 minutes sewing, 30 minutes adjusting and 30 minutes finishing the seams and corners.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is a cool website.

Back to sewing and basics

My name is Lizz and I have been sewing for about ten years now. Actually I learned the basics when I was a teenager, but in 2000 I decided to sew some of my clothes and bought a Dritz dress form. That is where my sewing addiction started.

I am a fan of Project Runway and I am so happy to see that so many people are interested on learning to sew, so that is why I named my blog Back to Sewing because we are "back to sewing" in America. People are purchasing more sewing machines than ever, Joann Fabrics reported an increase on sales this year and a lot of schools had to introduce sewing school programs.

So, that is what my blog is about, about sewing, fashion, pattern review and even jewelry making!