Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Failed project

What could I say about this pants? Do not attempt to do them. Yes, it was an easy to follow instructions. I used a very nice black and white flower printed fabric that later I regretted using on this project. I found the pants interesting to sew because there is no zipper required and I thought they looked very cool on the pattern illustration. The final results for me where very baggy pants that made me look like I was five months pregnant. Very unflattering! So, I did not bother to take a picture and sent it to my aunt in Panama who is a size 16. For what I heard, she was very happy with her new pants. Para gustos los colores!

Simplicit 2304 Tottler Halloween Costumes

I used Simplicity pattern 2304 to make my twin babies first Halloween costumes. My baby boy was a pumpkin and the girl was a bee. I think they turned out pretty good, but it was very hard to have them stay still so that I could take good pictures. Anyway, I am posting some pictures and a brief review.

I used this pattern because I wanted them to wear similar costumes and I could not find anything at the store that would match, since I was looking for a boy costume and a girl costume. Also, I do not like costumes that look like stuffed animals because I think children can get overheated in areas where the weather is not so cold.

Here is a family picture.

Here is the "little pumpkin" running.

Both of them playing with the door.

I used an orange suede fabric and to make the jack-o lantern face I used crafting felt. The hat was very easy to make. I also used crafting felt to make the leaf and the stem.

For her costume I used a yellow suede fabric.

I purchased the shirts and leggings at a popular children store.
This pattern is great for beginners. You can read my complete review at Pattern Review.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Witch dress Simplicity 2324

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween celebration. This year I made costumes all the family. Well, kind of. For my husband I did some alterations. Anyway, I will start by reviewing Simplicity Pattern 2324 which I used for witch costume.
As you can see in the illustration the girl is wearing fishnets which I decided not to wear because it was cold. Also my dress is longer than hers.

I used leather leggings. I think they worked fine.

purchased a witch hat and decorated with the same fabric I used for the dress.

This Simplicity pattern was easy to sew but it is not a beginner pattern because the instructions stops after the dress is assemble. It does not says anything about terminations. I knew I had to use binding at the collar and the sleeves, but will a newbie to sewing figure that out? Also there is a zipper at the back and an overlay which some people may find difficult to handle. In general, instructions where easy to follow. I like this pattern so much I am keeping it for the future. To read the complete review go to