Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is finally finished and looking good!

This is after the alterations.

A better fitting for sure!

I finally finished altering my fall coat! After doing some hard thinking, I decided just to cut under the last buttonhole just a few inches of fabric. I added also some seams on the sides to make a smaller waistline. I was brave enough to open up a little bit more the button holes so that I could use the turquoise buttons that I originally purchased for this coat.

And walla! Now I have a shorter, smaller and better fitted coat. Does it looks like the picture in the pattern? Kind of, but I am sure it does looks better on me!

This is how it was at first. Not so good uh?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome Fall!

Here I am wearing my new fall skirt! And guess what? I lost inches from my waist and my hips. I finished this project about three weeks ago and was waiting for an occasion to wear it. I guess I was bloated when I measured myself the last time. Anyway, the pictures are good! I still have to make another one with the same pattern from S.E.W. Everything book, so I am going to make it smaller.

Right now I am working on making "that coat" I have been talking about a smaller size. I am also loving all those fall colors!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sewing Frustration

I still have this coat on my dress form. Every time I wake up and walk down the stair I have to see it and I just keep thinking the same. Why did it turn out to be so loose, so long and why did I made the button holes so small that I could not use the big blue buttons that I originally purchased to go with it. I also keep asking to myself: "Am I a perfectionist?" Well, yes when it comes to things that I make or wear.

Today I made the decision of making it shorter and tighter. I will have to take off the seams that attach the ruffle and cut just below the pockets and then make a few seams on the sides again. I am not sure if I could fix the buttonholes.

This week I stayed away from the sewing machine. I decided to finish another project that I started a month ago. I like knitting scarves for the winter. I used a greety knitty device and they turn out great. So, after I finish my pink scarf I will alter the coat.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's in for Fall

What does fashion brings for us this Fall? Isn't this year fashion full of choices? My favorite trends are the booties and the peep toe booties. I also love that it is going to be a colorful fall and and not a grey one. Berry and purple are the favorite colors of choice. Flower fabrics are in, but try to use fall colors. Feathers and ornaments may be seen on shoes and on some heads (read headbands. Patent continue to be strong. We will continue to see leggings with long tunics or dresses and skinny pants with long boots. Boho is back (I love this trend) and also romantic ruffles. The big surprise of the season is that harem 80's pants are back! Check out some patterns I found that may be use to update your fall wardrobe. I also added some pictures of some of the trends for you to check it out.

Ruffles are very in! I own this Simplicity pattern too!

I really like the new trend for sleeves. Love this pattern too!

I think I will buy this pattern to start sewing Christmas presents. It is so cute!

They say jumpsuits are back!

I already added this vest pattern to my collection. I also purchased a cute vest at Kohl's about a month ago. Sometimes I just can't wait to have it!

Wide leg pants and skinny pants continue to be on style.

I have seen similar dresses to this one everywhere at the mall.

The trend for fall and winter is to wear coats that are not "normal looking. I like this one in particular!

Harem pants are back!

Booties are an essential for this fall!