Wednesday, August 25, 2010

McCall's New Winter patterns 2010

Ho-ho-ho! It is that time of the year again when we at the sewing community start planning on the presents that we will be making for our friends and family. Well, if there is time available of course. In my case, I think I will just go to the mall this year.

Anyway, it is always fun to see what the patterns company have release for the upcoming season. Here is my review on the new McCall's Winter patterns:

M6218 makes me think of getting a new puppy just to sew these cute coats!

I wonder what were they thinking at the designing department when they came out with pattern M6216. Maybe they were thinking about a pattern that even a Kindergartners could use. The Santa to keep Christmas cards is cute.

I think this Ipod cases are very cool to make presents for teenagers. M6215 is a going to be added to my collection.

M6213 is another cool pattern for those cute little presents.

M6210 looks very easy. If I have time I would make this for some friends and for myself.

M6194 for the classic Children's Christmas pajamas.

Haven't we see this before? M6192

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is anyone planning on halloween customs?

Hi there,
I think I will find time to sew Halloween customs this year. The only problem is that I do not see many options for toddlers this year. I think my mind is blocked right now. Can't think too well! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I might sew if I have more time

Today I was looking at some of my followers blog and I found Amy's blog which is named after one of my favorite phrases : "I might sew if I had more time". How many of you feel this way? This phrase applies to me so much right now.

Yes, I would like to sew more if I have more time and if possible I would stay up all night sewing while the babies are sleeping. But I need to get my beauty sleep too. So, here I listed the top 10 reasons why I have no time to sew lately.

1. I have a set of twin babies who are turning one year old next week.

2. I spent too much time planning on my trip to Puerto Rico and now that I came back I am just too lazy. I just feel like having more Pina Coladas!

3. My almost new electronic machine needs a new bobbin again, so I am using my Brother backup machine. So what is the excuse here?

4. I am still trying to finish some summer projects which are in the process of becoming UFOs really soon.

5. I only feel inspired when Project Runway is on TV. I did not watch last season because I kept forgetting which channel was Lifetime TV.

6. I need to decide between doing laundry or sewing.

7. I gained weight and I don't want to do projects on a bigger size.

8. Last time I went to the fabric store I did not like any of their selection. I just wish G street fabrics was closer.

9. Summer is ending and I just feel like enjoying every minute outdoors and indoors.

10. I have no time. But I will try to use a few minutes before midnight.