Friday, February 27, 2009

McCall's new summer patterns

This year I may sew some of these McCall's patterns. I am very happy to see that the "Easy" options are really nice because usually I find to be hideous. Here are some of my possible choices.

I am definetely sewing this. What can I say about this "fashion trend"... I just knew it will be there this year!

This is another trend that is comming strong. Caftans anyone?

This tops look so cute! I hope I will be more lucky with the results of this Hillary Duff pattern
this time.

Looks fresh for the summer.

This dress reminds of my roots.

This looks very cute too!

Love this one!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get inspired

Today was a beautiful but cold day here in Northern Virginia. It was sunny while it was 35 degrees, which reminded me that soon I will have to put away my winter clothes and take out my spring clothes. Certainly, it is the time now to start sewing spring and summer dresses.

I changed my playlist to set the mood to spring break. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Total disaster

I just decided to stop sewing the dress I was making using McCall's pattern M5701. I had to many problems from the beginning. I also had to go to the fabric store to get more fabric for the neck.

Attaching the neck was too much of a challenge. Even though I followed directions and it was well cut, it did not match with the dress neck. I got tired of trying to fix it. What can I looked totally homemade! Not wearable!

I think sewing shall be relaxing not another way to get stress out, so this unfinished dress is going directly to the trash or maybe I will keep it to use the fabric to do something else. I don't recommend using this pattern unless you are very experience. I think that for now on I will only buy "easy" patterns until I become really advance because I am so tired of not getting the good results with McCall's patterns specially. Well, I am going back to sew other projects that hopefully will turn out better.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

M5701 Work in progress

Finally the closest Joann Fabrics store reopened last week. It is located at Woodbridge, in front of the Potomac Mills with a new location and a new look. It is huge! I went yesterday and ended up buying tons of spring fabrics. I knew I would do that, since they were closed for almost two months and I had no other fabric store near by. So, since I knew I was going to get more fabric I was trying to finish some projects I had waiting since last year. So right now I am working on McCall's pattern M5701. What a pain!

I know I don't finish my projects the same day because I work, plus I like to have my house organize and clean but I am desperate to finish this dress. Sewing is my hobbie, but I don't let it control my life (I think)...anyway this is taking for ever. I thought it will be an easy dress to sew but I had problems with sides and the pockets. I finally figured it out and now the sewing needle in the machine is tearing and leaving weird marks on the fabric. I don't have any extra needles, so now I need to wait until tomorrow to see if I can stop by Joan and buy some needles. Hopefully it will turn all right! I am totally frustrated.