Friday, October 30, 2009

Current projects

It is that time of the year already to start making Christmas presents. Here are two of the patterns that I am using for my projects.

I purchased a Vera Bradley diaper bag with the matching handbag. My mom fell in love with it, but she told me she wants a similar bag but it has to be made by me. I bought the fabric for this project already and it is cut just waiting for me to have some extra time for sewing.

I am working on some pajamas for my babies and one for a friend who also had a baby couple months ago.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dare to wear harem pants

Finally, I finished my project using McCall's pattern M5858. A few couple of months ago I mentioned that these kind of pants were going to be hot during the summer. Well, I was wrong. They are hot now in the fall and will be next spring. These particular harem pants look more like the 80's hammer pants. I can't wear them right now because I am still trying to shed a few pounds and the waist feels really tight on me. Hopefully, I will be able to wear them next year when I go to Puerto Rico. Anyway, I used silky fabric and it is too light for the cold weather.

I am planning on making more of these pants using some vintage patterns that I have been collecting. These particular style is featured on the November '09 Vogue issue.

Here are my spring harem "hammer" style pants.
I used McCall's M5858 pattern
Pattern M5889 is from the new McCall's collection. These look very easy to make and are ideal if you don't dare to wear the harem pants with the "pouch" down there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More patterns at my Etsy

I am adding more patterns to my Etsy store. If patterns are current which mean not out of print, they have been cut on my size 14, which is a 36 bust size and I am only selling then for 2.00. Patterns can always be altered. The pattern above is still factory folded, never been cut or opened. If you are interested just click on the advertisement and it will take you directly to my store.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once upon a time

Long time ago when I got married and got my first very own sewing machine, I purchased a bunch of home decor patterns. On that year I also started a yo-yo bedspread that still unfinished on my linen closet. I remember wanting to do all my home decor and started by making some easy curtains and pillows.

After a few years, when I moved to the states, I realized that I was not that much into sewing for the home but all I wanted to do was to sew my own clothes. I was and continue to be in love with fashion. Today I was organizing my pattern boxes and decided to put some of those home decor vintage patterns on my Etsy. Most of them are from the 90's era when I was a newly wed. If they are older than 10 years they are consider vintage and are hard to find.

I listed this two Simplicity Holiday Collection and I will be listing more tomorrow.