Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another blog called Back To Sewing

While making a search on google to see if my Blog appears on the first "look up", I found that there is another blog called Back To Sewing. It is about somebody who also went back to sewing. Shall I change the name of my blog?

Update about me: I am still on moderate bed rest. I am entering my 32 week of pregnancy. Lately, I have not been sewing but I knitted two baby hats. :P


JC said...

Hi Lizz. That's so strange to me. I didn't realize that people can have the same blog name. At least on, it does a name search like a domain search and if that name is taken or reserved, then it will let you know.
Is other "Back to Sewing" blog on another network like Word Press, Digg, etc?

I wouldn't change your name if I were you. BTW--did you actually see their blog content?

Sounds like you'll be due soon (am I guessing August). When you can, please let me know where you are registered. Take care! -JC

Lizz M said...

The other "Back to Sewing" is not on Blogger but it was opened recently around May, I think. I guess I still the original.