Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dare to wear harem pants

Finally, I finished my project using McCall's pattern M5858. A few couple of months ago I mentioned that these kind of pants were going to be hot during the summer. Well, I was wrong. They are hot now in the fall and will be next spring. These particular harem pants look more like the 80's hammer pants. I can't wear them right now because I am still trying to shed a few pounds and the waist feels really tight on me. Hopefully, I will be able to wear them next year when I go to Puerto Rico. Anyway, I used silky fabric and it is too light for the cold weather.

I am planning on making more of these pants using some vintage patterns that I have been collecting. These particular style is featured on the November '09 Vogue issue.

Here are my spring harem "hammer" style pants.
I used McCall's M5858 pattern
Pattern M5889 is from the new McCall's collection. These look very easy to make and are ideal if you don't dare to wear the harem pants with the "pouch" down there.


Sharon said...

Hey Lizz! I've been so busy I haven't been following all my blogs. Glad to see you're sewing again! The pants are cute - however since I was fortunate enough to experience them the first time around I'll let you cute younger women have the fun this time :-)

Lizz M said...

Sharon. I got the last lot of pattern from you. There were three that I will not sew, so I posted them on my Etsy since I am trying to "make more space". Is that ok with you?

Yes, I am back to sewing again and I am trying to improve my skills and I will be sewing children clothes. Isn't that fun?

Thanks for your comment about the pants. By the way, the vintage pattern I am planning to use is the one I bouught from your website.

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