Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby sleepwear

I finished the first set of pajamas using pattern 2734 from Simplicity It's so Easy. My advise on using this pattern, it is not that easy to sew for beginners. I had problems trying to understand how to make the V neck. I believe something is wrong with it. At the end, I used white binding and I think I had a better result. I am working on another set for my baby girl which hopefully will be done tomorrow.

I made view A.

I made a size 1/2 tottler which I think is for a 6 months old baby, but it looks kind of long.


JC said...

Very cute! How's the new machine coming along?

Lizz M said...

My machine is working excellent. The serger is also working excellent. I just need more time to sew.

Amy Hummel said...

I'm trying to make these pajamas now. I'm having a horrible time with the v-neck! But, looking around the web, everyone else whom has tried this pattern has had the same problem and fixed it with white binding. Too bad I don't have some in my stash. I'll have to take a trip to the store I guess because the pattern is NOT working!

Lizz M said...

Amy, I have to tell you and everybody else, do not use the neck from the pattern. Modify, modify, use it, do whatever you feel you should do. I tried very hard to do PJ's again check the last picture I posted) and finally I did a very good looking V-neck but when I put it on my baby she did not like it. I mean, it was to hard to put her in the shirt and to take it off, so I decided to open on the back and add a buttom.