Monday, November 5, 2012

Simplicity 1903 Pillowcase Romper

I had been very busy.  I moved to a new home a month ago.  I own two Etsy stores now and I am still umpacking boxes but I am almost set at my new home.  Also, I  have a new sewing room which I am still decorating and organizing.  Trying to accomplish a lot of projects at once.
I made a few dresses in the summer that I did not posted about, so I will start posting about them this week.  Unfortunately, I had no time to sew for myself or do any adult projects.  I know I had been sewing to many pillowcase dresses later so I decided to do something different.  I made a pillowcase romper. LOL!  Yeah, I know what you are thinking.
For this project I used Simplicity pattern 1903.  I made view B and I used Dana Designs cotton fabrics that I purchased at  My daughter was using a retail size 3t at the time and I cut a size 3 thinking she will use next year.  It turned out that this pattern runs true to size which is not very common with children pattern in my opinion.
This pattern is great for begginer and has very easy to follow instructions.  It took me only about 45 minutes to finish it.


WANNASEW said...

Very cute outfit. They are really growing.:-)

Hayley Jackson said...

I love the romper. I am also making this romper, same pattern same view (B) but I got hung up on step 9. It says: "Cut two pieces of elastic each the length of elastic guide (did that). Encase ends of elastic in between raw end of tie, overlapping ends 5/8" as shown. Stitched overlapped ends together securely in a box." My problem and question is that on the pattern piece it say to cut 2 (which I did) so I have two pieces. But it is looking to me that I needed to cut 4 pieces from the pattern. According to the picture on the diagram, it looks as if you sew your elastic piece to the ends of the two tie pieces and therefore,that would only take care of one set of ties to insert through the front OR back of the romper. Now needing to make another set. Can someone please clarify how this is suppose to be done? Many thanks!