Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sewing Frustration

I still have this coat on my dress form. Every time I wake up and walk down the stair I have to see it and I just keep thinking the same. Why did it turn out to be so loose, so long and why did I made the button holes so small that I could not use the big blue buttons that I originally purchased to go with it. I also keep asking to myself: "Am I a perfectionist?" Well, yes when it comes to things that I make or wear.

Today I made the decision of making it shorter and tighter. I will have to take off the seams that attach the ruffle and cut just below the pockets and then make a few seams on the sides again. I am not sure if I could fix the buttonholes.

This week I stayed away from the sewing machine. I decided to finish another project that I started a month ago. I like knitting scarves for the winter. I used a greety knitty device and they turn out great. So, after I finish my pink scarf I will alter the coat.