Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another one of my fashion predictions. Check this out!

I received some magazines and catalogs today and I also noticed at some websites that jumpsuits are not the only trend from the 80's coming back for this spring and summer.

Bodysuits are coming strong this year. I loved to wear bodysuits back in 1993-1994 because they are so flattering. This picture is from Chadwicks. Also Sharon posted a related pattern on her website Patternaholic.

Caftans are also a strong trend for this summer. This one is from Michael Kors 2009 collection.

I guess that I will go for the caftan trend instead of the bodysuit because the second choice would look very strange on my pregnant belly. :P

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Sharon said...

Nooooooo! I just can't do the bodysuits this time around...or the jumpsuits. Caftans? Maybe. I just have this fear of looking like Mrs. Roper in Three's Company LOL!

Oh, you don't need a serger to sew a knit bodysuit. I sewed knits for years without a serger. I'll email you some tips if you want.