Monday, March 9, 2009

McCall's 5578

Finally I finished a dress using a McCall's pattern and even thought it is not "perfect" I think I like the result and I am planning on buying another fabric to use this same pattern again (Remember I have been unhappy by the results using McCall's lately). The only problem I had, but it was totally my fault was on the pleats. First, let me tell you that this pattern calls for gathering no pleats but I chose to make pleats which turn OK but not perfect. Next time I will just gather it. I also wanted to announce that I am expecting twins and for now on most of my projects will be maternity clothes and baby clothes.

I used Pattern 5578 View C. I think next time I will do View A.

This is the front. I also had to add a lining because the fabric was almost see thru.

This is the back of the dress. I am still not so advance when it comes to making button holes. My machine "does it by itself, but I still need to manage it". I think they are pretty good anyways.

Today I will start sewing a handbag for a friend. She sent me the fabric which I think is so beautiful. I think it will turn out great! I did one for another friend as a Christmas present.


JC said...

Hi Lizz. Congratulations on your upcoming new editions! Thanks to your previous posting of this handbag, I purchased the pattern and material last month and will attempt to make it soon...It's amazing how mine is purple, too!

Lizz M said...

Thanks JC. I hope to see your handbag soon!

TDB said...

that dress is fresh!!! you did a wonderful job

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.