Friday, February 19, 2010

Another summer dress and spring headbands

Last night I finished the strawberry little model using McCall's M5834. I don't like the final result of this dress very much. I think my little princess will only wear it to play at home. Why? Well, I decided to try making my own bias tape and it looks kind of homemade. It looks very "beginner" at the sleeves inside seams.

I know that what I call errors cannot be seen by looking at the picture. Everything is hiding at the fabric "wrong" side and only another seamstress with a critical eye (my mom) may notice when the dress will be at the laundry room.

I started hand stitching the binding and the decided to use the sewing machine and the seams are not "equal" and I still had to hand stitch at some points. Also I had some problems when adding the elastic to the tiny panties, but this time I found a solution. I bought a plastic needle and used cord elastic which was a lot easier to introduce unto the small opening for the elastic band.

This pattern is really easy to use, but does not explain about the binding. Right now I am working on another dress and I will use purchased bias tape and will hand stitch.

After I finished the dress, I worked on these easy baby headbands. You won't believe how easy and cheap these were. You can find similar headbands at for $12; mine only cost like $2 each.

Some people like to use nylon baby panty hose to make them, I went for the easier shortcut. I purchased some Goody Ouchless headbands and some crocheted adult headbands.

All you have to do is glue the flowers to the headbands by using a glue gun. Look how pretty!

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