Friday, February 26, 2010

What can be worst than an UFO?

We all know what UFO means right? It stands for unfinished object and when we talk about sewing it refers to those projects that has been cut and forgotten somewhere in your studio. In my case they are cut and kept on Ziploc bags waiting to be started and since I continuebuying patterns they accumulate until I decide I need to clear my space. Well, I discovered last night the worst kind of UFOs ever and I wonder if anyone who has been sewing for years has experience it. BABY PROJECTS UFO may be the worst kind because if you let those pile up when you decide to start your projects the patterns may be useless and the fabric will not be enough for the growing child.

I was checking all my projects since my babies are finally on a sleeping schedule and I found a few fabrics and patterns that I was planning to use next fall. I thought my babies would be able to use a size 18 months by then which in a pattern size is a size large. Large is suggested for babies who weight 21 to 24 pounds (lbs). Right now my babies are using retail clothes sized 9 to 12 months. They are growing very fast, so I realized that by summer they might be using toddler clothes.

Commercial patterns are categorized by baby size, toddler size and children. So my suggestion for my few readers is when planning on sewing for babies do it right away or you will waste your money.

Right now I am working on two sets using pattern 3582 from Simplicity. It is very easy. I am almost done, just need to put the elastic. I will have pictures ready by Monday. Have a great sewing weekend!


JC said...

Glad to hear that the babies are growing like weeds (as they say) :-), but also hoping they'll be able to fit into some of those patterns.

BTW: Hancock's is having a 20% sale on Kwik Sew and Vogue patterns--the first time EVER that (at least for Kwik Sew) have ever gone on sale. I went this evening and picked up several KS patterns and some fabric. :-). Want to get to one of yours soon.

Lizz M said...

I will try to go to Hancock's today. I have to drive a couple of miles thou.