Saturday, May 15, 2010

Out of print Simplicity 0508 finished project

Here is the finished dress I made using out of print Simplicity Pattern 0508 which I considered to be unpopular because there where not reviews at all at Pattern Review and it went too quick to the out of print category.

Here is the not so popular pattern. It was easy to sew, I just wish I used the right size.

I did not use the darts on this dress. The dress was still to tight on me even though I added more inches to the bust and the hips. It still won't fit on me since I have not loose all the weight after having my twins. Still, I think it is a very nice dress.
Here is the back. I consider I need to get more practice sewing zippers but it is OK.


Faye Lewis said...

Very cute dress. I'm so amazed that I've never seen that pattern.

Lizz M said...

Faye, I made a google to this pattern and there many for sale right now on Ebay if you are interested.