Monday, March 29, 2010

Unpopular Simplicity 0508

I think I bought this Simplicity pattern just a few months before getting pregnant. About a month ago, I purchased a very nice linen flower print fabric at Joann Fabrics. The fabric looks like it could be use for home decor but it is intended for apparel.
I was planning to use a vintage pattern from the 60's era and make a nice Easter dress. It turned out that two yards of fabrics was not enough which made me look into my pattern collection and decided based on the yardage and kind of fabric to use Simplicity Pattern 0508 printed on 2008. Can you believe there are no reviews of this dress at Pattern Review and also that this pattern is not available anymore at the Simplicity website? Was this an unpopular pattern or what? I did not find anyone who has made this dress. I googled it, searched more than twice at Pattern Review and got not results at all.
For now, what I have done is turning pretty easy. The dress is looking nice. I noticed that the sleeves may be difficult to attach and also the dress may not fit me because I cut it in size 12 and I have not loose that much weight but I will finish it anyway for the future in case it doesn't fit. I will start posting pictures of my "unpopular dress tomorrow".


Faye Lewis said...

Looking forward to seeing it.

Lizz M said...

Thanks Faye for "inspiring" me. I just try it on and it will not fit this next Easter Sunday but I will continue sewing it and wear later after I loose some weight this summer. Who says I can only dress up pretty for Easter?