Sunday, February 15, 2009

M5701 Work in progress

Finally the closest Joann Fabrics store reopened last week. It is located at Woodbridge, in front of the Potomac Mills with a new location and a new look. It is huge! I went yesterday and ended up buying tons of spring fabrics. I knew I would do that, since they were closed for almost two months and I had no other fabric store near by. So, since I knew I was going to get more fabric I was trying to finish some projects I had waiting since last year. So right now I am working on McCall's pattern M5701. What a pain!

I know I don't finish my projects the same day because I work, plus I like to have my house organize and clean but I am desperate to finish this dress. Sewing is my hobbie, but I don't let it control my life (I think)...anyway this is taking for ever. I thought it will be an easy dress to sew but I had problems with sides and the pockets. I finally figured it out and now the sewing needle in the machine is tearing and leaving weird marks on the fabric. I don't have any extra needles, so now I need to wait until tomorrow to see if I can stop by Joan and buy some needles. Hopefully it will turn all right! I am totally frustrated.


JC said...

Hey Lizz. Good to see you and hear from you! I've been thinking about you wondering how things were cause I hann't seen a post in a while. Was gonna put out a personal APB you :-). Hope things are well. Cute dress and I know it will look even better on you!

Lizz M said...

Hopefully I will finish this dress this weekend. I am heading to Joann Fabrics now because I am short of fabric.