Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Designers want us to wear big shoulders pads again

Even though I have not seen a new pattern from any pattern company suggesting that big 80's shoulder pads are coming back, there is a rumor that they are coming back strongly.

I saw some models wearing big shoulder pads jackets on my last Allure issue and also on the Vogue November issue. This is an 80's trend I won't be wearing again. I own a few vintage 80's patterns to make all these upcoming fashion trends but every time I look at the pictures on the envelopes all I think is how come I was so brave to wear those ugly suits and shirts back then? We will see if I will dare to wear them again. I still have some vintage coats, jackets and sweaters with those enormous shoulder pads on a trunk were I keep some old clothes... in case they would ever come back on style.

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