Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finished project M4118

I finished the handbag I started to sew on December 7. I made View C with some modifications. This is not a project that I recommend for beginners. This project can be finish in less than three days but in my case it took me more than two weeks because of my busy schedule. Assembly the bag was not difficult. Because I used a quilted fabric, I had some technical problems with my Singer Confidence machine and had to use my backup Brother machine. I had to finish the terminations by hand. It was a long task with a satisfactory ending.
I gave this handbag to my mom as a one of her Christmas presents.

This is how the inside looks.

This how the inside looks without the cardboard that goes inside.

Here is the piece of cardboard that goes inside the bag.

Here is a "side" view of the handbag.

An opened view of the handbag.

Pockets. (To see how many pockets this hanbag has look at my older post.)

Here is another view.

This is the final result!

I submitted this project to the Holiday Contest at Pattern Review!

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