Sunday, December 20, 2009

A snowy weekend

We got a snow storm this past Saturday here in Northern Virginia. I was happy about it because I was expecting to finish all my sewing projects that I have been accumulating. First I spent sometime cooking and after dinner I went to the basement to do my sewing. So I started by giving the final touches to the quilted fabric bag I am making for my mother. Around 9 pm my almost new Singer Confidence 7463 started giving me problems. The fabric was too thick for the needle I was using so the needle broke.

I had a good stash of needles. Different kinds, but I was not sure which one was the one I needed to sew thick stuff (not denim), so I read the manual and change the needle to another one that end up bending. I changed needles about 6 times since my machine was literally not sewing. So I started to "investigate" and opened the bobbin case because I noticed the bobbin was not turning. I cleaned it and put some oil. In fact too much oil! More than a drop. My machine still not sewing and I am so sad thinking that maybe I broke it. I never have never deal with an electronic machine before. I am waiting for the oil to dry and see if it can make stitches now.

In the picture above: My street yesterday.


Sharon said...

Not gonna lie - glad it's your street and not mine *LOL* I will say that it does look very beautiful.

Lizz M said...

Yeah Sharon, we don't get snow like this every year. It will stay until Christmas.