Monday, March 15, 2010

Simplicity 3582

Here is another project I finished while trying to clear my stash of all UFOs. As I said before, baby patterns that accumulate are the worst because if you don't work fast it would be money wasted. At least I got this one out of my way. This was a very easy pattern to use and I made lots of modifications to finish faster. I made a hot pink fleece vest for my daughter and it looks very cute, but it didn't look nice in the picture. So next time she wears the whole outfit I will take a picture.

Here is my husband holding my baby boy. He is wearing the brown corduroys I made.

For her, I used a printed flower corduroy fabric that I purchased on sale last winter at Joann's. I was going to add the ruffle and at the last minute I decided I had not time. So I edited it.

Brown corduroy for my baby boy.

I made this for him. It was very easy but I did not add the Velcro and the strip that goes with it. I was very lazy when making this project. All I wanted was to get it out of my way.

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