Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCall's pattern 5617

To make this blue flowers summer dress I used pattern Hillary Duff Mcall pattern 5617. It was very easy for my level. It took probably less than two hours. Well, I never sit two straight hours until I finish a project. Usually I start by cutting the patterns just when I get them and that way I study them. I can see if it is going to be an easy project or not while I am "unfolding" them. Then when I am finish with my pile of patterns, I organize them by which I would like to do first and make a list of fabrics that I will need to buy. Also, I always try to get the Joann Fabric coupon on the mail before I go shopping.

After I get my fabrics (I usually get more than what I plan to) I decide which ones to cut first. I cut my projects and put all the pieces in a gallon ziploc together with the pattern envelope. This way I keep everything organize and ready to sew. So then, sometimes while I am watching TV, I take my project and start attaching the pieces whith headpins. So, we are talking about maybe 30 minutes spent doing this. Then the next day I might start sewing. I always try to take it easy and tell to myself that nobody is rushing me. If I get to impatient to finish a garnment, that is when I make mistakes. So, basically...take your time and what I am trying to say is that even if a project is suppose to last two hours it might take you a week which divided by days may be 30 minutes cutting, 30 minutes putting the parts together, 30 minutes sewing, 30 minutes adjusting and 30 minutes finishing the seams and corners.

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