Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hillary Duff dress feedback

I wore the dress to pick up my mom to the airport. I guess it was a "too colorful" dress to wear in the DC area...I noticed people "getting" happy by looking at it. People in this area like to wear a lot of black even in the summer. So after we got back from the airport, I drove to the mall and met a friend there. She told me that my dress was really cute. Still, my mom was not very convinced by it...she said it made me look bigger.

I took some pictures of me wearing the dress and I don't think I will wear it again. Not until I get pregnant, maybe. OK, I reviewed this dress and gave it an outstanding review. It is comfortable, it was very easy to make but it makes me look totally pregnant. It was a windy day so the dress got a "bubble" on it. I like wearing clothes that are fitted because they make me look slimmer. My conclusion is that if you are learning to sew, this McCall's pattern is excellent to practice. About wearing it? Wear it if you are pregnant, or at the beach, or inside the house. This is not a very flattering summer dress.

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Anonymous said...

I am new to this site and I made this dress Sunday 1/25/09. It took me about 2 hours once I got everything cut out and read the instructions. I haven't sewn in several years so I was really excited to get this finished. I was disappointed as well. It made me look pregnant so I adjusted it by taking in the sides, but it still had a bubble. I will only wear it as a beach cover-up.