Friday, August 22, 2008

The McCall's pattern M5377 feedback

I wore the multicolor Indian fabric dress that I made with the McCall's pattern M5377. I also gave this dress a good review, but it seems that for now on I will be in search of the perfect summer dress pattern. Mostly, sewing afficionados are always looking for the perfect pants pattern or the perfect tailored dress; my mission is going to be to find the perfect summer dress.

One thing I noticed about this year designs is that everything is loose at the waist, like this dress I made. I guess most designers get inspired by the girls at Miami Beach or by an imaginary island on the tropics when making this patterns because in real life women that are from the tropics do not wear this dresses. I can say that certainly because I am originally from Panama and spent three years in Puerto Rico. Tropical fashion is more about showing the body and being comfortable, but always looking good. The problem that I see with this designs is that when the wind blows they become really unflattering because it gets a balloon effect, or ends up looking like a tent.

I went to eat ice cream and I got compliments from the owner who said that it was nice to see some people wearing colors in the area instead of the usual black and khaki. She made a comment about liking the fabric, but I did not tell her that I made the dress. The dress got a lot of attention and it looked nice, but I am not sure if I will wear to another place than the beach because I don't like what happens to it with the breeze.

I may use this pattern again to the other dress with the bow which is a little bit shorter and more formal, but I will be looking forward to find a pattern for that perfectly fitted and flattering summer dress.

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