Friday, January 2, 2009

Look what I did!

Finally, I started sewing the bodice for my cocktail dress.


Faye Lewis said...

Now that is great, and I love the color. Wish I still had the body to wear that style top. Thanks for your comment, doesn't it amaze you with the comments such as your motherinlaws? I get it from my father. I told him yesterday that this year I'm not discussing my sewing with him at all! Thanks again.

Lizz M said...

Well, my mother in law is not interested on my sewing either. Her mother used to be a professional seamstress and when we met she loved that I could sew. But my mother in law never tried using a sewing machine. That is what she says.

I think close relatives, like your dad or my mom, worry about us spending so much time at the sewing room. I don't know the reason thou... As for my friends, I only tell close friends that I sew because people do not understand why I do that. For most of my coworkers and friends I just make jewelry.
Hope you have a good start on 2009, lots of new projects and be bless with creativity.

JC said...

Hi Lizz. Happy New Year to you, too. I read your comments (and Faye's) about sewing, etc. It amazes me that family, close friends, etc.--how they generally encourage us to pursue whatever's on our hearts.

But when we actually do it or start to head in that direction, then suddenly, that "encouragement" almost becomes dis-couragement.

I noticed that people that hardly know me are more supportive. Right now (as you can probably tell on my blog), I'm still gathering information. I need to take the leap of faith and purchase another machine. The issue isn't finances, just figuring out what to get.

Got some good suggestions from the Silver Spring Meet-up group. I love your purse that you did a few weeks ago. You will see that one on my blog--once I start sewing and get a digital camera. :) Take care.

Lizz M said...

I don't have a very expensive sewing machine. I use a Brother that was probably less than a 200. It is my third sewing machine. Sometimes I think I should get a serger but I really don't see a good reason unless I will plan to spend a lot of time sewing knits. Also those expensive machines that are computerized with embroidery programs do not appeal me because I am not into home decor or apliques. It all depends on what your needs when sewing.

About people trying to discourage me, I passed that phase already. But as I said I think is because retail clothes are so "available" that all that work we do looks hard to understand. My family thinks that my problem is that I buy clothes and sew too, thou I don't see it as a problem. My husband likes me to sew. He is my best supporter.