Friday, January 23, 2009

Was this really glamorous?

I have mixed opinions about how the First Lady dresses. I really liked what she wore during the day, but I noticed she wore black shoes. Someone told me they were not black, but dark olive. I think her choice of shoes was a "blah" as I usually say about DC and Northern Virginia fashion style. Her inauguration ball dress did not impress me that much either. I questioned why was she wearing spring colors? We had yellow and then white ( I liked the morning dress, don't get me wrong)during a very cold weather. This woman has very tone arms and I think she shall show them proudly (applauses). I also wonder if there is someone assigned to help her build her wardrobe, someone like a personal shopper or stylist...I just wonder.

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Lizz M said...

I want to correct myself on this post. She wore dark olive shoes but on TV they looked as black shoes.