Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trust me on this one!

All right I mentioned it before...the 80's fashion influence is going to be very strong for 2009. I ask you know, would you dare to wear a jumpsuit? I am not talking about those ugly carpenter style denims jumpsuits, I mean those stylish and sometimes very dressy jumpsuits that were so popular in the 70's and the 80's. They look great with heels!

Rihanna looks lovely with this floral summer jumpsuit.

This is one of my favorite styles,not a big fan of Mary Kate Olsen thou.


Karencilla said...

I'm sorry i just hate 80's fashion. But as you said it seems to get back, Thank God in a better way, more stylish, more polish and without perms hahahaha.

And no, i don't think i would ever wear a jumpsuit, i'm too short.

Shawn said...

Hi I just found your site...very nice. I love jumpsuits and I plan on making a few a little 80's ish. The one Rhianna has on is fab.


Lizz M said...

I am planning on making a jumpsuit too, but there are not current jumpsuit patterns so I may need to order one from a vintage pattern site.