Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simplicity pattern 4070

I finished this dress a couple of days ago. There were lots of modifications.
First, I wanted to make it a bubble dress just like the picture in the pattern. When attached the two skirts together I noticed there was too much difference between the skirts measurements. I mean the lining was too small. I followed all the instructions. Maybe there was an error in the pattern. It did not make any sense to me. So I just made a regular skirt.

With the bodice I did not have many problems. I did not use boning, to me it looked more complicated if I decided to use it and I don't think I needed it. At the end even though I took all the measurements on my body and on my twin, I feel the dress is not too fitted. I have been experiencing problems with all the dresses I have make using a size 14 pattern which is suppose to be my size since I have a 36 size bust but I may need to use patterns in a size 12 and maybe the results will be better just by making a few alterations next time. I did not use the belt either.

My iron is not working very well, so the dress is not well pressed. I may take another picture in the future. I still don't know if I will wear this dress soon or have any place to wear it at. I wanted to finish this project since I had it on my "things to do list" for so long.


JC said...

Pretty dress. You've been (as they say) sewing up a storm and we're not even out of January :-) I nominated your blog as for a Kreative Blogger award. Someone nominated mine last night, and told me to nominate 7 blogs (you'll see it on my blog) and leave a comment on those blogs to let them know.

I enjoy your blog because it's very down to earth, good, clear pictures...and it doesn't hurt that we're in the greater DC area :) Keep up the good work. Thahks to you (I gave you credit for this on my blog), I purchased that simplicity purse pattern Friday and some material and hope to start it this week.

Lizz M said...

Hi JC,
Thanks for your great comments and also thanks for nominating me. I was not expecting it! What do you mean by "it doesn't hurt that we're in the greater DC area?"
I am a very down to earth person, I think. Thanks for the compliments. I will be posting my new project tomorrow, since we are enjoying two teacher's workdays this week and hopefully a snow day is coming soon for us!

Aunt J and Aunt Reggie said...

I have this pattern and am going to make dress view E tomorrow. The lining for the bubble skirt is shorter than the actual skirt because you are to gather the skirt and attach it to the shorter lining for the bubble look (This is from bubble skirts I made in the past. For some reason simplicity didn't think I needed the sewing directions as they were not included with the pattern haha)
Your dress came out gorgeous though.
But just an FYI, I have a 40 inch bust and I can wear a size 14 comfortably, so you may need to size down.

Lizz M said...

I knew about gathering the skirts and all that, but really the lining is not just shorter it is not wide enough to match the cover. Yes, I think I shall use size 12 patterns instead of 14.

Anna said...

Hello! I'm making view E of the same pattern and I wondered if you had any photos of the inside of the dress as I'd love to see how the lining fits into the fashion fabric along with the zip, I'm stuck on how to do it!

Dctucker58 said...

You might also want to wear a petticoat with this dress it will make it lift the skirt you can choose a little or a lot also get a good bra very important.