Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to find your passion

I had try different kinds of crafting hobbies in my life. I recognize that I like to follow trends and also like to learn a little bit of everything. Some of my friends might say I have like a million hobbies which I don't beleive is true... I just tried a bunch until I found which ones were right for me.

Let me tell you in a brief story about me and my so-called hobbies. When I was 12 I decided to collect mail stamps, I gave it up because it was just too complicated so I kept my collection but stopped doing it. Then I decided that I would collect postcards, that only lasted about a year. When I turned 16 I thought it would be cool to learn how to sew clothes, eventhough I wanted to give it a try and learned pretty good I fell very discouraged and I found that it was easier to pay someone else to sew a replica of the dress in the picture of a Vogue the look was more professional. Then I got married and wanted to learn how to cook so I started a big collection of cooking books. keeps going on. I thought about quilting (never gave it a try), tried scrapbooking (so that I could organize all my pictures), learn how to do greeting cards with stamps because my mom thought it was cool...then I went back to sewing and also found a passion on designing beaded jewelry. Last year I took some Wilton decorating classes and learned pretty well but it is so messy and takes so long to make a nice cake, plus I think that everything related to cooking is more like a task not a hobbie. So, I learn all those things but always knowing that what drives me to sew is my love for fashion. Yes, it is all about the fashion...nothing else.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why I sew quoted from my favorite sewing book S.E.W. EVERYTHING WORKSHOP by Dianna Rupp.


1. I can go to the fabric store.
2. I can crack the code.
3. I can make what I really want, how I want.
4. I can alter and repair clothes myself (this means I don't have to pay).
5. I can relax and de-stress.
6. I can take pride in practical skill (SEWING IS AN USEFUL SKILL)
7. I can express myself.
8. I can have fun sharing sewing with others (read blogging)
9. I am part of a larger community (Project Runway trend and other reality shows)
10.I can show others I love them (I can sew cool things for christmas or birthdays)