Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pattern disaster

My mom is visiting and she always was my inspiration to learn my sewing basics. When I was a little kid, she used to make me cute outfits and I also remember her wearing the latest 70's fashion that were constructed by her. She always tells me that I always choose the most complicated projects. Her motto is to go for the Easy Patterns, loves Simplicity and if something is too complicated she will just quit and leave things unfinished. It is truth that she can sew an invisible zipper faster than me and even without using any pins. She can help me when I need to figure out how to fix a mistake when a garment turns out to be lousy or does not resembles the dress in the picture of the pattern envelope. She can also be very discouraged about my sewing.

This week, I started working on pattern McCall's M5624 . My choice of fabric was great also. But for some unexplained reason, I could not get the bodice part to fit me. So, she offered me her experience and help. First, she told me that I leave to many extra inches of fabric. I always like to leave at list two inches of fabric in case it won't fit me and also when I am doing the terminations I cut all the extra iches of fabrics. Well, all this ended up in a big discussion about what was right or not. So, she decided to finish de jumpsuit and measured my hips and waist and told me that I cut it a size bigger. The next day I went to work and left her finishing the project. When I came back from work I found a fashion disaster! Very good looking jumpsuit, still without a zipper... "LET'S TRY IT ON!" Oh, my gosh...I could not put my big butt into the jumpsuit! She cut the garment to small and still have no zipper! I wanted to cry! She still thinks everything was all right, she cut the fabric to fit me... but guess what? I think that if a pattern is suppose to be a size 14 which in reality is a commercial size 10 or an 8, that means it should be cut an sew that way. Alterations shall be make only if it turns out to be too big. Now I am considering buying the fabric to cut the pant parts again, but the fabric may not be available because I bought it at a 60% discount at Joann Fabrics.

My words of wisdom: Ask for help if you need to, but don't let the other person finish your project unless you are present.

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