Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCall's Pattern M5717 Finished Work

I am very disappointed with the fitting of this coat. At the beginning I thought I only had problems when trying to attached the sleeves to the coat. After figuring out the problem with the sleeves everything was "a piece of cake", so I thought. I tried to follow directions from A to Z. Just before attaching the skirt I realized that the coat was longer on me than the one in the picture. I think it will work that way.

Please note that I always use a dress form since I am not "dummy", but the coat just fell too loose. So I tried adjusting it, made some seams at the sides and on the back. Then, I am going to admit I am not an expert doing buttonholes since I am still trying to learn how do them. It turned out that they were smaller than the original turquoise buttons I got. So, I had to make two trips to the fabric store to find buttons that would look good and still fit into the button holes.

In conclusion, this pattern was not so difficult but the fitting is not good. Maybe because it is a coat, the persons who designed this coat thought about the clothes I might be wearing underneath. This is not the fist time I have problems with the fitting by using a McCall pattern and I don't mean tight fitting, I mean loose fitting. Having a bust size 36 forces me to buy sewing patterns in a size 14 which is a retail size 14. I am considering for my next coat or jacket project that I should use a size 12 and just add some inches at the bust. It still loose on me but when I wear it in the winter I will take a picture and you may post your opinions.