Friday, September 12, 2008

Work in progress, my favorite sewing book and about buying out of print patterns

S.E.W EVERYTHING WORKSHOP by Dianna Rupp is the best sewing book I ever bought. It is modern, has great pictures and includes patterns. I already made two projects from this book: the yoga pants and the boxers. Every project is well explained. I purchased this book last spring and it really inspired me. I highly recommend beginners to buy it. Today I started to make two skirts by using patterns from this book.

I received a question about where to buy the out of print pattern that I used to make my red fleece jacket. I was searching the web and I found a website that sells all kinds of out of print patterns and have them listed y era. Here is the link :

I usually get my out of print patterns at a local thrift shop and Ebay, but I don't look for specific pattern or numbers...I just get what I like and think will work for me in the future.