Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bad pictures and bad light

I finally wore the blue corduroy skirt today. It was technically the last day of fall for me because starting December 1st all I wear is red and green or Christmas sweaters to work, since I work with children I like to dress festive. So I decided to wear it to church instead of wearing it to work because it is very short. I thought it looked beautiful and got a lot of compliments, but it was a pain to get a good picture of me wearing it. I mean without flaws.

One thing I am not liking lately about taking fall pictures is the bulk that some sweaters create around the belly or just anywhere. I found out that the best turtlenecks are the ones that are skin tight or fitted, which believe it or not I purchased at Walmart. Other expensive brands may be made of better material but does not favor my shape. For example the yellow top I am wearing with my blue skirt was purchased at Talbots and I had problems with it.

Also the light at my living room is awful. During the day pictures turn to be darker and at night the light is not enough either. I will have to find a way to correct this problem. So I took the picture by the door and there is also a light reflection right there on my yellow turtleneck sweater. Anyway, I love my skirt but not loving the Talbot's turtleneck that much. Now I need to go on the quest of a flattering yellow turtleneck.


Karencilla said...

Hi lizz! I read your comment! Oh my is so good to know that there is somebody like me: in love with sewing.
Yes I'm panamanian and I live in Panama. And sadly, you are right, here sewing isn't as popular as in other countries. Sewing is very affordable here, the only problem is that sometimes i can't find pieces here for my machine or sewing tools.

I have to say that i feel very excited and happy with my blog, i never thought that many people would actually read it.
Thanks so much for liking my blog and I bookmarked yours!

PS: do you speak and read spanish? i do.


Lizz Larrauri said...

Hi Karencilla,
I am 100% panamanian, just moved to the States a while ago. When I lived in Panama I used to have my personal seamstress who lived in Bethania. I remember cutting pictures from Vogue and taking them to her with the fabrics. Long time ago I decided I could design and sew. So here I am in love with sewing.

I do speak spanish and english. Keep in touch with me and we might learn a lot from each other.


Karencilla said...

Que bien!!! Oh well my history is different. My sister wanted to learn sewing and she asked me to join her, i did for her only. After some classes, she dropped it and I felt in love with it!!

Yes, let's keep in touch. Btw are you member of I do, it's an awesome website.

PS: Thanks for following mine, I'm gonna follow yours.

Lizz Larrauri said...

I am still not a member of Burda, eventhough I checked that website a lot. I am a member of BMV patterns, if you are not try it. You just need to go to the site and become a member for a few dolars and you get discounts on MCcall's, Butterick and Vogue. It is a good deal for you because I know in Panama patterns are expensive.

You should also try
If you are not a member I suggest you to join, you will find that there is a global community trying to learn more about sewing and uploading pictures of their projects. Te va a gustar.