Saturday, November 8, 2008

Going back to my roots

This picture was taken on July 2007 at El Casco Viejo in Panama City, Panama

It all started at one of those websites where people are able to find friends and get in touch with people from high school, college or just anybody around the world. I am not going to reveal which website it is, but I do spend a lot of time there and I am sure some of my readers may enjoy spending time there too. Well, I got in touch with a friend who used to ride the school bus with me and after exchanging long e-mails, I sent her the link to my blog and I was so pleased to hear that she actually read my blog and was not just checking the pictures as some of my friends do all the time.

This particular friend thinks it is interested how I enjoyed so much sewing but have never talk about molas or polleras. But when Violeta mentioned that I am not talking about my roots, I started giving it a thought. And she didn't mean my hair roots which I am very careful to retouch every month, she was talking about my heritage.

I am Panamanian and I moved from Panama twelve years ago. I own a few molas that I had professionally frame to display on my living room. Last year when I went to Panama I purchased a Mola handbag and a mola headband. Molas are made in Panama by Kuna Indians and most tourists purchase these beautiful quilts when they visit my country. They use a method called reversed aplique. Molas are totally handmade, no sewing machines are used. Some mola accesories like handbags are sewn using a sewing machine to attach the mola to the fabric.

I am posting some links for you to check if you are interested on reading more about this Panamanian Art.

I you are interesting in wearing "Mola Fashions" here is a link where you can purchase handbags and other accesories.

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