Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When there is not a sewing machine around

I am not a good knitter but I love making scarfs and hats for the winter. I only know like two basic stitches, but that is all I need to make an easy scarf and I also use the Knifty Knitter which is a great device for people like me who may not like to knit that much but still want to do it. I know... like it or not? Here I am posting some of the things I knitted. I like the results.


JC said...

Hi Liz. These items are so cute and pretty! I love the colors. I wish I had learned to knit--but then again, it's never too late.
I know how to crochet.

Where did you get your kit? Would it be helpful for someone like me who's never knitted (at least you have some experience).

Shifting gears, you mentioned in a comment on my blog about some of the groups not always being in your general area. I truly understand. I'm in PG county and going to Wheaton was a haul, but it was well worth the drive.

Found another group that's actually in the city.

This may be way too far. Anyway, take care. Can't wait to find out where you got your kit and your opinion of it for an absoulte beginner.

Lizz Larrauri said...

Hi JC,
I am not a knitter as I said on my post. I tried to learn the conventional way and it did not work for me. So a friend told me about this kit about two years ago and it is so easy. I purchased mine at Michaels. It is also available at Joann Fabrics and at Walmart. It comes with instructions and there are lots of websites that teach how to use it in case instructions are not very clear. You will really like the hat kit because hats turn to be elastic and depending on what kind material you use, the results look like the one at the stores. Seriously.

Ivanett said...

Ok Dear. Me gusta la falda pero el sweater cuello de tortuga no me agrada mucho, he conseguido en Walmart no ahora pero el ano pasado, un sweater de tortuga de un disenador q se llama: Isaac Mizrachi que me encanta. Me gusta la tela que favorece (es stretch)ajustado al cuerpo. Cuando vayas busca su marca a ver si te gusta algo. Las medias azules me parece que como ya la falda tiene fondo azul se ve como too much blue. Oye y que lindo el gorro y bufanda de la ultima foto de las 2, la de color amarillo con naranja rojos y otroS. Muy lindos congrats.

Anonymous said...

Gracias!!! por escribir sobre este artefacto para tejer.

Y te quedaron muy lindas tus gorras, que divertido que uno pueda usar algo para hacer estas cosas tan lindas.

Me imagino que ahora con el frio las luceras.

Lizz Larrauri said...

Dear friend Ivanett,
Please remember I have english speaking readers...Just kidding!
If you paid attention to my post, I made exactly the same comment about not liking the sweater that much eventhough it is an expensive sweater from Talbots. Isaac Mizrachi is a brand from Target, not Walmart :P.
About the blue tights. Acuerdate que yo soy una fashionista. LOL! I like the blue tights, my personal opinion is that tights shall be the color of your bottoms. I like to be matchy-matchy.