Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Some of the jewelry I made recently.

This is the dress I bought at GROUP USA.

This is the dress that I decided not to wear.

As I mentioned on my last post, I have been sick. Last Tuesday I had to go to ER because my coughing was unstoppable. The diagnoses was bronchitis. Since I am taking a little vacation retreat at home, I took my time to update my blog. I have not been sewing that much lately either. I have not finish the blue skirt from my last post because I need to buy a blue zipper. I also spent my free time doing some jewelry. Yes, this can be call procrastinating.

Two weeks ago, me and my husband went to an Army Ball and I did not wear the dress that me and my mom spent time working at. The dress turned out to be to simple for my taste and I took a picture of me wearing the dress and there was a flash reflection on my belly that was not very flattering. So the day before the ball I had to go on a mission to the mall and I ended up buying a black dress at Group USA. I think it was a better choice for me to buy the dress than to wear the pink dress we made. So, after another failed project I have been asking myself if I should continue sewing difficult projects or just stick to the easy ones like fashion shirts, handbags and aprons. LOL! TO SEW OR NOT TO SEW THAT IS THE QUESTION!

I will continue sewing and posting my projects. Sewing is to me not just a passion but my scape, so I won't stop. I think that we all learn from our mistakes and practice is crucial to achieve success. Also, Christmas is coming so I will be posting some projects that I will be sewing for Christmas presents.

I am going to make two handbags with this Simplicity Pattern. One for me and one for my best friend.


Mom2fur said...

I like the black and white dress! Too bad about the pink one--it does look pretty. I wonder if you could make some kind of wide sash, like a cummerbund, to 'break up' the reflective quality of the fabric? Maybe even something with some beadwork on it?
PS--Hope you are feeling better!

Mom2fur said...

PS--Just noticed you've had an ongoing cold. It's probably one cold right after another--your resistance is low and when one cold is leaving, another one just sneaks right in. I used to get sick a lot, too--I work in a pediatric office! I think I'm building up a resistance to all the kiddies, though. One important thing is to wash your hands frequently. "Zicam" might help, too--they make this stuff you touch at the bottom of your nostrils that is supposed to make a cold go away faster. I've tried the allergy version with some success. Oh! And be sure to take your vitamins!

Lizz Larrauri said...

Mom2fur, thanks for your comments.
I feel better today and will go back to work tomorrow.

I will add some embelishment or beadwork to the dress. It was just that when I decided that it was to simple for me to wear it I only had a couple of hours to decide if it was better to buy one or add some shinning beads or embelishment to the dress I made.

Faye Lewis said...

I'm glad to hear that you are not going to stop sewing! I have been amazed at how much I have progressed with my sewing during this year. My confidence level is up although I still a failed project every once in a while.

bosco said...

Hi, my name is Joni (53 sewing since I was 13)and I share your interests in clothing sewing and beads..among other creative interests. I have enjoyed this blog. I think sewing is something you will enjoy for a life time. Don't give up on that nice dress you are working on. the V neck is good for your body, and it is simple design so embellishing it with dressy elements mimicking the V neck OR casual ones might change the things that you don't like about it. the black dress you purchased was a good choice, too. Using trim that is going down a bit in the front vertically not a band horizontally I think was a good choice. What kind of shoes and purse will you use with your new dress? I think it might be terrific for New Years Party with some rhinestones and silver tones in jewelry or accessories. If You go more casual, I might add black and maybe some contrast black trim or fabric applique. I sometimes go to the library and check out the latest magazines and copy color combinations for the season. If you want to keep in solid go with a larger beaded necklace complimenting the trim, accessories with the colors of the dress. Have fun. You are a creative young lady I bet you will make it fantastic!Joni in CA

Lizz Larrauri said...

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me to continue sewing. I will go this weekend to the fabric store and buy some beads or embelishments for my evening dress. Eventhough I have been sewing for many years considering my age, I am still learning and I get frustrated when my projects turn wrong. As I mentioned I will keep sewing and try to learn from my mistakes.