Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend I started to sew this.

It will be fabulous!

Thanksgiving Holiday is finally here. This means the year is ending and it is time to put on Christmas decorations and do some Christmas shopping. To be sincere, lately I have spent more time at the mall than sewing. A good thing was that I went to Kohl's and found the blue stockings I was looking for. I also found green tights, sparkling leggings, black leggings, brown leggings, sweater legging, socks, trousers, gold socks... What a deal! All the leggings, socks and pantyhoses were marked down at 60%. So, yes I will probably wear my new blue corduroy skirt this week. Yeah!

I have been very lazy the last month. I did not go shopping for fabrics or new patterns, I did not cut any fabrics or patterns from my stash at home. I have been busy doing other things and was also waiting to feel better from my bronchitis. I am feeling a lot better now so I will take advantage of my Thanksgiving break to finish at least one project.

The only progress I did this weekend was starting the handbags. Hopefully it will be finish next weekend.

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JC said...

Hi Liz. Hope that you'll be feeling well soon and hope that you're taking it easy.

Sounds like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy. I may take a Sewing Express class at G Street. Take care and happy sewing