Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Firstable, let me say that it is not that I only know how to make pillowcase dresses. LOL.  It is not that I am turning lazy.  It is just that they are so easy to make and they are such a huge trend for little girls that I just love making them.  I made these dresses in less than an hour.  Not one hour each.  Less than an hour for both of them. I purchased the fabric at For less than $25 dollars I made two dresses and have some fabric left to make another project. 

Some people are making money doing this type of dresses and selling them on Etsy.  I have considered the idea of selling pillow case dresses but I have so little time to sew for myselft that adding sewing as a business in my life might not be a good thing.

My daughter wore this today since it is Dr. Seuss birthday this week.

Thing One Thing Two Dress

 Cat in the hat.

Another view.  She doesn't wear shoes in the house. 

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