Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Apron Dress

Once again I used Simplicity Pattern 2171.  I just love this style of apron dress.  It is so easy to make in my opinion.

The dress is not my original idea thou.  I saw a similar dress on another child and I asked the parent where did she get and she suggested an Etsy Shop.  All right, the dress price was $45 and was made with a mix of other fabrics not just the Eric Carle fabrics.  I ended up making a dress that may probably cost more on Etsy because I used Eric Carle fabrics exclusively.

My intention was to have my daughter to wear this for her birthday which is in August.  I tought the sizing of this patterns runs bigger than retail sizes.  It does runs bigger, but my daughter seems to be growing too fast.  It fits just right, so she will be wearing it before August.  I used a size 3. 
I will be posting pictures of her wearing the dress.  I am working on a headband now and I had some fabric left to make another project.


Anonymous said...

Hi.Im 14 years old and I want to make my own graduation dress. I really LOVE this dress
but i cant find it anywhere else but your blog. Can you please show me a link or give me the pattern number so I can make it? Thanks:)

Lizz M said...

Glad you like it. I learned to sew when I was about your age. I posted another dress I made before with the pattern.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 2171. You can go to the website and find it under children dresses patterns.

Anonymous said...

Ok I found it. Thank you!