Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Vogue Spring Patterns 2012 Review

I am not a fan of Vogue patterns lately.  I did not buy any Vogue pattern from the last two seasons.  I find some of the patterns from past seasons to be remakes of other patterns that were available for sale not so long ago.  This spring I see some "new" stuff but I still find it boring.  This is my review of some of the Vogue patterns I am considering on buying. 

 This dress has an 80's look.  Designers keep trying to bring the 80's back.  I see that this year they want to bring the dressy looks from that era.

This top will be everywhere in the stores.  I think it is very easy to make.

 This dress is my favorite.  Looks complicated for my sewing skills thou.
I am not a fan of this dress.  I just wanted to comment that shrugs are coming back this year. 

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