Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Simplicity Spring 2012 review

This year Simplicity spring sewing patterns look very promising.  There is something for everyone.  I picked just the ones I plan to buy to add to my collection.

I wished this pattern came out when my daughter was born.  I will buy it and keep for future baby shower projects.

 Who needs a pattern to make a scarf?  I do :).  It is always better to have the correct measurements even when it looks like a simple project.
 This dress looks like something that Jeniffer Lopez would wear.  I love it!

I love this pattern.  Peplums are such a huge trend this spring and was searching for a vintage 80's pattern but his a more modern approach.  Adding to my MH list.

I am not sure is this is another Peplum style.  I am adding this one to my MH list too.

 The other day I was thinking about making "a wardrobe".  But I was thinking how difficult it is to find patterns that would look good with each other.  This is what I needed.

I can't leave my daughter out.  I love this version of a pillowcase romper.

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