Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas boxers

It might be too late to do this project as a Christmas gift idea. I worked on it this weekend. But still, it may be a good Valentine's Day present idea. Just buy a fabric with heart or valentine motives.

You will find the instructions for this project on my favorite sewing book SEW (Sew Everything Workshop). There is a pattern included and it is described step by step at page 134.

It took me about an hour divided in two days...20 minutes Saturday morning. Then I went shopping. Came back at night, started again. Continued Sunday. I am becoming the queen of procrastination. :P

This is the third pair of boxers I make from this pattern and sincerely it is not an easy project since every time I start sewing it I need to have the book at hand. But it is worth the results!

Love the reindeer.


Sewuptight said...

Very cute boxers. That was the first book I bought when I decided to get into sewing again. It taught me alot.

Karencilla said...

those are cute.

btw, how good is that book?, I have Sew U and it's awesome but is this one like Sew U? or is it advanced?

Lizz M said...

I also bought this book this year when I decided I need to sew more. I went to Borders and sat there for about an hour comparing this book and SEW U. Sew Everything has more pictures I think and it is all printed in color that is why I think I fell more attracted to buy it.
Karencilla I don't own SEW U but I think that is a good book too.