Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sex and the City

One of my favorite presents this Christmas was the Sex and the City movie. When I went to see this movie I had to buy a ticket for the 11 pm function because the other ones were sold out. Also my husband went with me to see this movie (Yes he did!). He took me on his Harley bike and it was so funny to see him wearing his "Harley" clothes and asking for a Sex and the City movie ticket. An old guy behind him tough he was asking for the wrong movie or maybe he was out of his mind. Then when we were finally inside the theater women would not stay quiet. It was a madhouse in there. I regretted not hearing at all most the movie introduction with so much talking around me. People did not stop talking. So I am glad I got to see this movie again this weekend, not once but twice!

Yes, I am a big fan of Sex and the City. I have all the seasons DVDs, I read the book, I bought the book with all the pictures from the movie and now I have the movie which I can play whenever I want. I know it is not such a great movie, it is actually silly but with me is not just about the plot and the is also about the fashion. Is there any other show right now that may influence so much on how women dress like Sex and the City did?

Notice how Carrie wore a vest and then it was a big trend back in August.

This is one of my favorite fashion moments in the movie. The flower dress...not me but it is a very interesting design.

All these dresses scream 80's...80's...80's!

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