Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look how cute!

This weekend I was so busy. I had a lot of shopping to do. Yesterday I went to my favorite mall in the area which is The Pentagon City Fashion Center. This mall is my favorite because it carries its name very well, I mean fashion is everywhere. It was packed. I went there looking for a pair of UGGS boots that I am planing to wear on my next trip to New York City. Nordstrom seems to be the only department store carrying this boots right now. Other little stores may sell them but do not have the complete collection. Anyway, I had a great time looking at people wearing the latest fashion trends. I just love going there so much. I noticed a lot of girls wearing black leggings with just turtlenecks or a simple top daring to show their figure. It was a total 80's flashback. At the stores, I could feel Christmas in the air. It was great!

I downloaded this picture of the Pentagon City Mall Food Court from google.

Then when I came home it was time to bake. Tomorrow we will have an "Authors Celebration" on my Kindergarten. We picked the children best illustrations and will let them share and it's kind of a Christmas celebration too. Also the classroom Gingerbread Man ran away and he is not coming back until Friday, so I decided to bake Gingerbread Man Muffins for the celebration. They turned out to be so cute! I am very proud with my work. I know the children will love it too.

I baked 36 Gingerbread Muffins.

They are so cute, the children might not want to eat them.


Kate said...

The gingerbread muffins are adorable. Do you share the recipe? Do you need a special pan?

Thanks! Great blog!

Lizz M said...

Dear Kate,
To make the gingerbread muffins I used a gingerbread cake mix from Duncan. It was very easy and it taste like homemade. I had to purchased the gingerbread man thru the wilton website because it is not available at the stores. The original idea was to make a gingerbread man cake but Wilton discontinued the baking pan and I guess they came out with the mini gingerbread men pan. Tomorrow I will take a picture of the pan for you.

Thanks for your comment.